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While scanning through Twitter today I found a link that made me want to re-think one of my slides. According to Grist the Dervaes family of Path to Freedom farm in Pasadena, CA trademarked the term ‘urban homestead‘, with a filed, but unapproved, claim on ‘urban homesteading’ and ‘urban homesteader’.

I featured them in a slide in my presentation on urban agriculture last week and extolled the virtues of their excellent work in promoting the intensive and important work of urban agriculture. With the discovery that they have attempt to not just capitalize (hey, I’m all for making a living!), but to prevent others from even talking about urban homesteading without paying the a royalty is just crazy.

As this is a US trademark, it falls under some of the most draconian patent laws in the world, the same that sent students and grandmothers to federal court to defend music copyright infringements a few years ago. Since I’ve never been privileged enough to receive a cease and desist letter, I thought I’d use this blog to egg on some US trademark lawyer, and rack up the legal bills for some serious schmucks.

Urban homestead. Urban homestead. Urban homestead. Urban homestead.

(Put that in your pipe and smoke it, trademark be damned!)


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