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It seems like only yesterday that Canadian voters were faced with a Federal election debate that did not include the Green Party. So, imagine my surprise when the consortium of television stations decided once again to exclude Elizabeth May and the Green Party. Here’s my talking points on a travesty of democracy.

1) We spend millions of dollars to defend ‘democracy’ in foreign countries (that is a discussion for another day) but are content to circumvent the process at home.

2). The consortium seems unable to publicly justify the position they took to exclude May. Where’s Wikileaks when you need them? If this was a legit position then it wouldn’t be a problem to defend the position.

3) If elections Canada is willing to finance the party, based on their results in the last election, then that qualifies them as a legitimate party.

4) Since when did a group of corporations (remember, that is what this media consortium really is after all) get to weigh in on the process of democracy in Canada?

5) I’m not a feminist, but I think it is important for May to be acknowledge as the only female party leader. That isn’t the “only” reason to let her in, but it supports every other reason.

The reaction of the other party leaders, or more specifically their inaction and subsequent reaction, is disappointing. I don’t agree with everything the Greens stand for on their platform, but there isn’t a single party that I agree with 100%. I had considered spoiling my ballet in protest, but I think I may just vote Green instead. (Some may say that is one in the same! Touché!)


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