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What is the value of money? If you are like most people the value of money is expressed by the things that you can purchase. If $100 can buy you what you value then the worth of that money is great. If, on the other hand, $100 cannot buy you what you want then we tend to believe that the worth of that money is small.

I’ve been considering the worth of money a lot over the past few months, perhaps because it is tax season, a time to reflect on all of the money earned and spent during the year. How much is money really worth to me? Granted, money allows me to purchase the necessities of life including food, shelter and clothing. On top of that it affords my a plethora of luxuries which also happen to include food, shelter and clothing, among other indulgences. The fact that I spend a disproportionate amount of my day earning, or preparing to earn, money would suggest that I place a very high value on money. That would be wrong.

I strongly believe that there will come a day, in the not too distant future, that we will be forced to reconsider the value we place on money. Decisions like the US quantitative easing devalue the worth of a currency while flooding billions into the coffers of the ultra-rich. There will come a time when money will have collected so disproportionately in the pockets of the minority that the majority will simply decide that money no longer has any real value and we will recalibrate the measurement of value in our lives.

Might I suggest some measurements of real value:

1. Access to clean drinking water
2. Access to, and the ability to grow, clean and nutritious food.
3. A diversified and resilient local economy. (Economy does not equal money!)
4. Friends and family that you can depend on to assist in times of need.
5. The freedom to learn and apply the skills learned.

This is a short list, one that could definitely be supplemented by the comments of others. My point is that we invest, sacrifice, even lie, cheat and steal in some cases, to gain more money, when the precarious relationship we have with money is built on the pretext that money holds a constant value in our lives. Nothing could be further from the truth. Money is no more constant than the shifting sands of a desert or the drifting winter snow.

What I would suggest is that we revalue our lives and the actions we take based on those things that hold true value for us. As we gain permanence of perspective, as we build resilient and powerful communities and families, when we can find peace in doing what we need to do and want to do we will finally rediscover the true value of life and the experiences that make it an adventure. Then, and only then, will we realize that money is nothing more than a polite social contract between friends and that our perception of worth has been hijacked to make the minority wealthy in this new paradigm of value.

It is time that we take back the definition of wealth and revalue humanity and nature as invaluable resources that are worth saving through collective sacrifice.

What do you value? What are you willing to sacrifice?


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