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I still remember the day when I discovered that the world was not the safe and inviting place that I imagined it would be. I was 16 and my geography teacher had invited a young woman from East Timor to speak to our class about the invasion of her country by the Indonesian army. A small island nation, the Indonesians exterminated one-third of the population. And nobody in the first world gave a damn.

You see, the problem with East Timor is that there are no lucrative natural resources for a foreign government to exploit, or multinational corporation to capitalize on in the shady markets of ‘free trade’. I remember feeling unimaginable sorrow that day as I contemplated the seeming unending capacity for cruelty that human beings had for one another.

It is almost 20 years since that day of awakening and my eyes continue to open wider and mind continues to be turned to the pain, sorrow and suffering that is so much a part of the human experience. There are definitely some days where I wish that I could climb back into the matrix and bury my head in he sand. I even feel jealous of those who seem completely oblivious to the world around them, able to consume, act and react with impunity — sometimes. (Mostly I just feel sorry for them though)

Here is what I know. There is profound evil in the world, but that evil is a choice. Just because the guy next to you is vile and nasty doesn’t mean that you should jump on his bitter bandwagon. You get to make a choice about the goodness and valor that you exhibit in you life with each decision that you make.

Looking back to that wide-eyed teenager, I am grateful that my eyes were opened. My life has been filled with rich knowledge and a sense of hope that cannot be found without engaging in the complex emotions of the world. While it might appear easier to live a life of ignorance and gluttony, the wealth of experience and knowledge can only be found by surrendering your emotions, to understand joy and sorrow, triumph and tragedy.

To be human is to feel. Choose to be human.


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